Compare cheap broadband deals in your area

How to compare the cheapest broadband deals where you live

These days everyone is connected to the World Wide Web, be it via super fast, super reliable, super expensive or super cheap broadband. There is a deal for every taste, lifestyle and budget. Providers such as TalkTalk, Plusnet or Primus all provide cost-effective solutions and provide services which will not break the piggybank. And if you know exactly what you want from your services, you might be able get away with signing up for some bargain broadband and having a ball.

However, if you are not sure as to what do you want from your package and just subscribe to a random cheap broadband deal - you might be in trouble, as you could be subject to some ugly fines if you don’t play by the provider’s rules so to speak.

My friend signed up for cheap broadband, should I?

Good question. Before penning any papers there are a few things to consider. Do you download music and movies regularly? Do you stream your favourite TV shows as soon as you come back from work in the evening? If you answered to any of these questions with a solid yes, sir – then you should not be lured into buying cheap broadband.

It might be worth noting that especially when it comes to low-cost services, there are many little aspects that you need to consider before spelling out your name on the dotted line. For instance, cheap deals will almost always have monthly usage allowances, stepping out of which may cost you more than you think. Not all broadband providers charge extra though, some slow down you download speeds, other resort to temporarily suspending your services.

Also, cheap broadband suppliers will often provide slower speeds, so streaming movies or your favourite TV show can be highly annoying, as every minute you will see the buffering sign instead of what happens next to those Desperate Housewives.

However, if you access the web only to read and write a few emails, look at a few news websites and occasionally watch a video on Youtube or download a song that has been in your head ever since you heard it on the radio – then a budget broadband deal could be just what the doctor prescribed!

If you want to know more about cost-effective internet services, you can always ask us. Just punch in your postcode into our nifty Postcode Checker tool and we will reveal the best deals available in your area.

If a particular one caught your eye, you can buy it there and then. But if you want to know more about the pros and cons of cheap broadband, give us a buzz. We are available seven days a week, that’s how devoted we are.

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