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For tailored business broadband advice, call Simplifydigital on 0800 542 4704 or visit the Ofcom business advice website for more information.

In our digital economy, small companies need business-grade broadband to keep up. But what is the difference between business broadband and regular residential broadband? How can you choose the right package for your company, and what happens if you want to change providers? Read our top tips on getting the right service.

Top business broadband tips:

  • Tip 1: Compare all the available deals in your area. Dedicated business broadband providers like XLN Telecom often have the cheapest line rental and broadband deals for businesses, and big consumer providers like TalkTalk also offer dedicated business broadband deals, so it's worth comparing them all to get the best value for money.
  • Tip 2: Ensure your package offers the speed, download allowance and inclusive calls that suit your company's requirements. Some cheap business broadband deals come with low download caps, for instance 10GB usage, which may be suitable for the smallest of companies but in reality is unlikely to go very far when split between multiple employees all processing orders and updating your website information. Unlimited business broadband removes the worry of  going over your allowance. Ensure the speeds are up to scratch too; lots of employees will require plenty of bandwidth, so aim for a superfast business broadband service if your company is more on the medium than small size.
  • Tip 3: Ensure your staff and customers are protected, by business-grade broadband security. Premium security software often comes included with business broadband deals, and can protect your company's sensitive data, along with customer and employee information. Content backup solutions are also usually included, so that your files are never completely lost if there's a blackout or system error.
  • Tip 4: Make the most of available extra services included with your package, like VoIP support, routers with integrated firewalls, free storage for your files and complementary email addresses for your employees. 
  • Tip 5: Grab some advice from the UK's independant communications regulator. Ofcom has put together a comprehensive guide for SMEs without an extensive knowledge of the broadband industry, to help just about anyone cut through the jargon and get set up in no time at all. 

How to keep your business broadband up to speed

Getting your business online is not just another way to grow your business. For thousands of business owners it is the lifeline of their company, and as such, a reliable and quick broadband connection is crucial.

However, getting a cost-effective broadband connection installed and maintained still causes a headache for many small businesses in the UK. While there are external factors which are out of your control - for example distance from the phone line exchange and contention ratio - there are things that you can do to give your broadband a boost.

Evaluate your location

More than likely, your business internet connection will be a wireless one. Most people don't realise that wireless signals can be lost by obstructions like walls and signal strength is dependent on your position in your office/house. Plus the further away you are from your router the weaker your signal tends to be and therefore your connection becomes slower. Give yourself line of sight to your router and you can improve your signal and internet speed drastically.

Make sure everything is up-to-date

As technology is constantly evolving - modems and routers now have much faster connections compared to their older models. So if you have a modem or router which is more than 3 years old, replace it with a newer version and it can help to give your broadband speed a kick.

Reduce bandwidth sharing

We've all got frustrated when a webpage takes more than 30 seconds to load, or when a YouTube video begins to buffer mid-way through. You'll get the full brunt of bandwidth sharing, whether it's your kids watching ITV Player or your neighbour commandeering your un-secured network. Bandwidth sharing happens when someone or something pinches your fast broadband connection and leaves you with a sluggish connection. A couple of examples include file-sharing software, running security updates or streaming videos. These can often run in the background of your PC or laptop, without you even noticing. So making sure all programmes ask for permission before they start to run, is a great way to tackle this issue. Another recommended option is give your broadband network a passcode so your connection can't be stolen.

Edit browser settings

Often, something as simple as updating your browser can increase the download speeds of a webpage. Moreover, it's beneficial to adjust your settings so pop-ups are blocked and search bars aren't installed as these can all waste your bandwidth and avoiding them will keep download speeds to a maximum.

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