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TalkTalk TV packages

Get great telly for less, with TalkTalk TV packages from just £10/month for 6 months. Enjoy 70+ Freeview channels, plus Catch Up TV and On Demand content with the exclusive TalkTalk TV player.

TalkTalk Plus TVWhat's included with TalkTalk Plus TV?

  • Up to 16Mbps, 38Mbps or 76Mbps broadband
  • A free TalkTalk Youview box worth around £299
  • Daytime, evening and weekend calls
  • Line rental


Our recommended TalkTalk TV, phone & broadband package:


How does TalkTalk TV work?

TalkTalk TV packages come with a free YouView box that uses both your TV aerial and your broadband connection to dish up live shows, on demand content and 7 days worth of catch up programming. Because it requires a fast internet connection to work, and because you'll be viewing a lot of internet content (maybe without realising!) we would advise you to take out unlimited 38Mbps or 76Mbps TalkTalk broadband rather than up to 14Mbps broadband, to ensure high quality picture and sound.

TalkTalk TV benefitsWhat are the benefits of TalkTalk TV?

TalkTalk TV gives you access to 4,000 shows via the exclusive TalkTalk Player, including ABC On Demand and Sony Entertainment content, at no extra cost.

You can also 'bolt on' premium channels and services for a small extra monthly cost, including Sky Movies and Sky Sports, or rent movies via LOVEFiLM.

TalkTalk TV supports HD playback and gives you access to 4 HD channels, including BBC HD channels.

You don't have to splash out on expensive equipment - TalkTalk's YouView TV set top box is included in your package, which is a great little bonus as it would normally cost £299 if you were to purchase it separately like a Freeview or Freesat box.

You can watch one programme while recording two separate shows, and with seven days of catch up TV from BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5, there's no reason to ever miss your favourite shows.

TalkTalk TV BoostTell me about TalkTalk Boosts

TalkTalk Boosts allow you to upgrade or downgrade your service when you like. You can increase the speed of your broadband, add Sky Movies or Sports to your TalkTalk TV package, or get access to extra TV channels.

For more information about TalkTalk TV, read our What is TalkTalk TV and How to set up TalkTalk TV and Broadband guides.


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