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About Europasat satellite broadband services

Simplifydigital is pleased to team up with Europasat, Europe's biggest independent satellite broadband provider. Together we're bringing you unique, affordable deals on flexible satellite broadband services that can be enjoyed almost anywhere, even in the most rural locations.

Europasat is Europe's leading independent satellite broadband provider. The ISP connects you to top providers and provides industry leading customer support, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Not sure how long you'll want satellite broadband for? Europasat offers flexible packages with the option to rent or own your own equipment, select a 12 or 24 month contract or opt for pay-as-you-go.

You can also try before you buy, thanks to a network of Europasat resellers who can provide a demonstration of how the satellite broadband service works near to where you live.

If you refer a neighbour to Europasat, you'll even get free satellite airtime.

Astra Connect services from Europasat

Europasat recommends Astra Connect satellite broadband services. Astra Connect brings you fast, reliable broadband that can be accessed from even the most rural locations, because it works via satellite.

  • High speed, always-on satellite broadband
  • Download speeds up to 10Mbit/s and upload speeds up to 364Kbit/s
  • Easy install equipment you can fit yourself, or the option to have your service professionally installed
  • Prices starting from just £9.99/month for satellite broadband with short term 1 month contracts
  • Unlimited broadband options available

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