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By on April 20, 2012 at 11:21 AM

Introduction to BE

Be provides fast broadband via ADSL2+ technology. Since its launch in 2004, Be has been providing speedy broadband to customers all over the UK. With a maximum speed of up to 24Mbps, Be is currently one of the fastest mainstream ISPs in Britain.

In 2006, Be was bought by Spanish telecommunications giant Telefónica, which also owns O2. Despite this, it has remained as a separate brand, continuing to offer great broadband deals.

Be services

All Be broadband products come with a free wireless router, unlimited usage and 24/7 technical support, which helps if your broadband connection suffers a blackout.

The Be Unlimited package is great for heavy broadband users. If you download a lot of movies or music, you will find that Be's speeds more than satisfactory. This package comes with one static IP address, which you will need if you want to run your own server, or if you're into online gaming.

If you're on a budget, Be has a more cost-effective option for you. Its lower end deal is perfect for everyday browsing and checking your e-mail. You will have to sign a 12 month contract, after which you can leave at any time with a month's notice.

Be Pro comes with the works. You get much faster upload speeds and a static IP address at no extra charge with the option to buy more.

Each of these three options comes with the BE Box, a wireless router with a built-in firewall to protect your computer from online viruses. You also get unlimited usage so you can download films without worrying that you will go over the limit.

Also, for a small extra charge, you can get the home e-mail bundle. It comes with up to five e-mail accounts, a total of 1GB of e-mail storage, and 100Mb webspace. The webspace is great if you want to set up your own website, though you can get free web-based e-mail address from companies such a Google, Hotmail and Yahoo.

Why Be might not be for you

Not everyone can get Be broadband. In addition to having a BT landline, you need to live in an area that has been 'unbundled'. It means that Be have set up their own network.

It also might be worth noting that the actual bandwidth depends on many factors including the quality of the wiring and how far you live from your local BT exchange. If you live 2km from the exchange, you can expect to receive up to 15Mbps. If it's further, the speed will be even slower. In that case you may be better off with cable broadband from a supplier such as Virgin Media.

Be history

BE was founded in 2004 offering super-fast broadband through BT's telephone exchanges via Local Loop Unbundling (LLU). Its first connected customer averaged a then-record-breaking speed of 18.5Mbps.

In 2006, Spanish telecommunications giant Telefónica bought BE, the company also happens to be the owner of O2 in the UK. This led to rapid growth across the country with Be broadband now available in 1,004 of the UK's telephone exchanges.

In 2007, O2 launched its own broadband product using BE's established network. However, BE has remained as a separate brand name and supplier.

Popular Deals

Most popular   Speed Downloads Contract Monthly cost
Broadband Unlimited & Talk Weekends (Without TV)  [Details]


    Up to17 Mbps Unlimited 12 months £5.00for 12 months
    then £10.00
    (Plus £15.40 line rental)
    Go to site  Online 
    TalkTalk Essentials and Youview  [Details]


      Up to16 Mbps Unlimited 18 months £6.00for 6 months
      then £8.50
      (Plus £15.95 line rental)
      Go to site  Online 
      Phone & Broadband 40Gb + Eve/ Wkd UK Calls  [Details]


        Up to14 Mbps 40 GB 12 months £1.20(Plus £13.99 line rental) Go to site Or call to order:
        0800 542 4704
        Broadband 50Mb & Phone Size: M  [Details]


          Up to50 Mbps Unlimited 18 months £7.75for 12 months
          then £15.50
          (Plus £15.99 line rental)
          Go to site Or call to order:
          0800 542 4704
          Plusnet Unlimited with Weekend Calls  [Details]


            Up to16 Mbps Unlimited 12 months £3.25for 12 months
            then £9.99
            (Plus £14.50 line rental)
            Go to site Or call to order:
            0800 542 4704
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